Is a one-to-one fitness training, where you are directly guided and supported every step of the way. I come to your location, bring all the equipment and a customized workout plan made just for you, and deliver one hour of high quality personal training. You can exercise as many times a week as you would like, and rely on my experience and expertise until you reach all of your goals!
This is by far the fastest way to results, especially if combined with nutritional counseling. 

This is a great way to receive all the benefits of personal training and

save on your rate per session! 
Shared training is usually done with two people, which means that you

can invite your partner, friend, family member, neighbor or a co-worker

to come and join you! You will both receive a customized workout plan,

and have an opportunity to save some money while getting the same

service and results!
These workouts are fun, challenging and sometimes a bit competitive,

as your workout “buddy” might want to push things a bit harder, faster

or more intense. I personally find this to be a great way of challenging yourself, and sharing your transformation with those you love and enjoy spending time with.  

Group training can be set up just like a personal or shared training, with the exception that there are three or more people in the group at the same time. The benefit of this kind of exercise is that the price per session-per person decreases significantly, and you get to exercise in the supportive environment of your fellow group trainees! 
I usually work with groups of three to twelve people. The greater this number gets the less I can customize the workout to fit each individual needs. However what I have discovered is that most people have very similar goals and capabilities, and are looking to save on their fitness training, so this kind of workout is pretty popular. 
Also after working with numerous people I have learned how to adjust my workout plans to each person participating in a group training, so nobody would feel like the workout is too challenging, or perhaps not challenging enough. 
Please contact me directly for schedule, locations and pricing. 

As a former athlete I am well familiar with what it takes to take your

game to the next level. Regardless of the sport you play, I can help

you get your body to move faster, quicker and more coordinated. If

you goal is to add some strength, power or stamina to it, it will all be

included in your workout plan. I work with individuals, groups and

sports teams alike, at a pricing similar to Personal Training, Shared

Training or Group Fitness Training. 

Besides the optimal amount of physical activity and rest, your diet is a huge component that determines not only the shape and fitness of your body, but also the quality of your life. 
As a certified nutritionist I have developed a program that combines sports and holistic nutrition in a way that delivers the best results to both your health and fitness related goals. 
One thing that is different about my approach is this - I do not tell people what to eat.

I have found that most people don’t like to eat according to someone’s else idea of

how they should eat. 
What I do instead, I educate people 
about the human body and what kind of foods it

needs to thrive, as well as what kinds of foods are harmful to it. 

Once you understand how your body works, and what is appropriate for it, you will

have control over the biggest determining factor for your physical shape, fitness and


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