In-home Personal Training is much more than exercise!

It is a right kind of support, at a right time, in the most

convenient environment - your home! Working with a

personal trainer means receiving all the support and

motivation at the time when you most need it. In those

moments when you are ready to hit the snooze button,

or when you are getting too busy to take care of your

health and fitness, I will help you turn your every

decision back in the direction of your greatest benefit. 

Customized fitness workouts will both challenge and inspire you. You will be guided step-by-step to a stronger, healthier, more vibrant version of yourself. As a long term trainer I know exactly what you need to get to the next step of that dream body or optimal health. Reaching those goals is not as hard as it seems, with a right kind of support and guidance!

For some people it is the motivation, they just need someone to support them to establish a regular and efficient workout routine and schedule. For others it is about learning the correct way to exercising, and finding ways to get results quickly and safely. There are also those who firmly believe in investing in themselves, and will settle for nothing less than professional service, guidance and advice, no matter what area of life they are looking to better themselves in. 

So whether you need just a little push to get yourself going on a path to optimal health and fitness, or you are looking for professional guidance, knowing that you are well worth taking care of yourself in a right way, personal training is a great choice for you!

All of my sessions include the following:
~ 1 hour of training with Certified and Experienced Personal Trainer
~ Custom workout tailored to your goals and capabilities 
~ Constant change of routine (meaning you will never do the same workout twice) 
~ All of the equipment you might need 
~ Professional guidance and advice
~ Convenience of your own home or nearby outdoor location of your choice
(weather permitting of course)

If you are curious about how the sessions actually look like, here is a break down:
~ Up to 5 minutes: Setting clear intentions and vision of your goals
~ 5-10 minutes: Warm up and Stretching
~ 35-45 minutes: Your individually customized work out
~ 5-10 minutes: Cool down and relaxation 

In most customized workouts we will incorporate:
~ Core, Upper and Lower body strength
~ Flexibility, Stability and Balance Training
~ Cardio Intervals 
~ Power Intervals (if you are ready for it)

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